an Anthem for Easter

See from the dungeon of the dead
Our great Deliverer rise;
While conquest wreaths his heavenly head,
And glory glads his eyes.

See how the well-pleased angel
Rolls the stone and opes the prison;
Trumpets sounding, earth resounding,
Jesus rises from the dead.

Lo! He quits his dark abode,
And flies to worlds of light;
Sinners, rejoice! He did for you,
For you prepares a place.

Sends down his spirit to guide you through
With every gift and grace.
His blood, which did your sins atone,
For your salvation pleads;
And, seated on his Father’s throne,
He reigns and intercedes.

Partitur beserta midi nya bisa di lihat dan dengarkan di video berikut

Versi not balok bisa di unduh di sini Download
Versi not angka bisa di unduh di sini Download


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